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Motor Products

Methaq Takaful Insurance Company is specialized in managing online motor insurance business

Our Motor Products offer one of the most comprehensive coverages in the UAE Motor Insurance market through an advanced online platform, one of the most efficient processes to issue a policy.

Additionally, we have selected a professional Network of Workshops to guarantee a high level quality claims Service.

Unique Benefits of our Standard products:

  • High Third Party Liability
  • Excellent Agency Repair Benefit
  • Roadside Assistance

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Motor Claims Procedures

The procedures to claim a Motor policy are given below:

1. Obtain a Police Report in case of an accident

2. Send a scanned copy of the following documents to or fax them to 04 2601 602:

a- Copy of Police Report
b- Copy of Registration card
c- Copy of Driving License of driver at the time of accident

3. We will register the claim and direct you to one of our approved garages
or dealer workshops based on your policy coverage.

4. Please submit the original police report, copy of registration card and copy of driving license to the service advisor of the workshop.

5. In certain cases, the approved workshops can pick up your vehicle and return
it to you after repairs.

6. Once we receive the repair estimate from the workshop, we will depute our surveyor to collect the documents and finalize repair costs.

7. We will then authorize the workshop to repair your vehicle.

8. We will handle recovery claims as per Emirates Insurance Association guidelines.

9. If your vehicle cannot be driven, please call our 24 hour emergency roadside assistance service on 800 4101. The assistance company will tow your vehicle to the nearest approved workshop.

10. In cases where the accidents are referred to courts, we will need the court verdict to process the claim.

11. If you are eligible for Hire car as per policy conditions, we will arrange to deliver the Hire car to you as per your convenience.

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